Leïla Ka – choreographer dancer



Originally coming from urban dance, Leïla quickly​ ​oriented herself towards a mix of practices and​ ​developed her work from merging genres that go​ ​beyond the conventions and codes from which​ ​they are composed.
After having worked as a performed, most notably​ ​for Maguy Marin – where she discovered a​ ​danced theatricality that remains an important​ ​form of possibilities in her own choreographic​ ​work – she launched into the creation of her first​ ​piece Pode ser.
In this solo (2018), awarded by five international​ ​prizes, and performed yet more than 60 times,​ ​she flirts freely with contemporary urban dance​ ​and theater in an attempt to illustrate the​ ​complexity and difficulty of being.
She revisits this theme within the frame of​ ​community in her second creation, a duo, C’est toi​ ​qu’on adore, expected in january 2020.

​She is also dancer in the new work of  Olivier de Sagazan.



Alexandre Fandard is a self-taught free-style hiphop​ ​dancer.
After joining the Académie Internationale de la​ ​Danse in Paris, he then performed in Brett Bailey’s​ ​Exhibit B in Paris, South Korea and Estonia.
In this piece he was asked to become a static​ ​element, like in a painting. This experience has
strengthened his taste for the aesthetics of​ ​painting.
Discovered by La Cie de Soi, he performed​ ​Heroes at the Pantheon.
In September 2016 he was selected as a resident​ ​of “Laboratoire des culture urbaines” at the 104​ ​Paris.
In 2018 he created Quelques-uns le demeurent​ ​(Some remains so), a work that has been awarded​ ​by 4 international prices and that is touring in​ ​France and abroad since its creation in 2018.
He works now on a new piece, a duet called « Très​ ​loin, à l’horizon », interpreted by he and Leïla Ka​ ​and expected in​ autumn​ 2020.